Tender Invitation: Variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor

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ESW Knowles & Company Ltd
Moor Lane Trading Est/Perrywell Rd, Birmingham B6 7AT


Tender application deadline: no later than close of business on Friday 13th September.

This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Programme (ESIF) 2014 - 2020



Knowles Doors is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of fire doors, hospital doors and interior doors; and a major supplier of both MDF and timber products to both the trade sector and to the public. The company’s experience stems from being a major supplier of fire-rated and regular doors, door sets, pallets, cladding, packing and cases, we also have extensive joinery capabilities, and if it's wood, chances are we can manufacture it.  In line with good practice, ESW Knowles is seeking to tender the procurement of a one-off variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor.



Air compressor requirements

The facility currently uses two fixed speed air compressors (rated at 22 kW each) running at full capacity and is in need of replacement. A more energy-efficient model is required. Therefore, we are seeking to appoint a suitably qualified, capable and experienced party to supply, install and commission a new more energy-efficient compressor that sufficiently meets compressed air demand requirements. 

We are looking for a single VSD air compressor that adds value. Key features must include:

  • Motor rating: 45 kW
  • Working pressure range: 7 bar to 10 bar (100-145 Psi)
  • Variable speed drive technology
  • CFM capacity requirement: 55 -265 CFM
  • Delivery to site

Primary requirements-  The following factors will be taken into account in assessing a supplier’s suitability.

All suppliers should carry insurance and as a matter of course, an appropriate level of public liability insurance.

Evidence that suppliers are aware of the impact of their activity on the environment and are prepared to work with us in a spirit of continuous improvement. Also that suppliers have accreditation to the relevant environmental standards, if applicable, within their market(s).

Safety and Security
An awareness of, respect for and ability to meet safety and security aspects such as safe recruitment checks on your staff, will be important to our assessment.

We need to be confident that you have the right capacity and capability in the relevant area. Market experience. It is important that suppliers understand the environment of a warehouse or similar environment and therefore previous experience in this sector will be considered.

Financial Viability
Before commencing business with you, we may ask you to submit Report & Accounts for review and we will check for bankruptcy status, non-payment of statutory contributions, etc

We will decide on the level of quality required and indicate this to you at the appropriate time. Where industry standards apply we will seek evidence of application of these standards.

Specification of Requirements

Specify the number and type of lamps and their required fitting. Quotes must include the price for access equipment needed to carry out the installation. 

3.0 Timetable and Tender Evaluation Criteria

Invitations to tender advertised-


Expression of Interest and Closing date for any Questions-


Tenders to be received by-


Evaluation to be completed by-


Decision by-


Notification of success or failure by-


The Tenders will be evaluated to ascertain the most economically advantageous tender in determining the appointment. The award will be based upon the evaluation of the proposals submitted in response to the documents supplied, relevant technical references, a price and quality scoring mechanism and the results of negotiations.

 Regard will be had, not only to the prices tendered, but also to the following criteria:

  • Quality and reliability of product [25%]
  • Able to deliver within required timescales, quality of service  & experience relevant to air compressor projects [25%]
  • Demonstration of the ability to produce energy savings to maximise benefit to company [25%]
  • Pricing of air compressor and value for money [25%]

All tender responses should be submitted in writing electronically to Steve Horner at [email protected] - no later than close of business on 13 September 2019.  You will be notified of the outcome of the tender review process no later than close of business 17th September 2019.